There are four economic forms in the evolution of civilization: Brown Economy, Green Economy, Blue Economy and Golden Economy.

    Brown Economy (or Black Economy) means, that economic growth depends only on petrochemicals such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. In the process of this form of production, great amounts of carbon dioxide and soot are released into the atmosphere. The economic development depends on restricted resources, the environmental pollution is severe .

    Green Economy indicates that people can achieve the highest economic production and together with a minimum of emissions as well as with less resources consumption and environmental costs, by which we can recycle the natural resources and ultimately realize a mode of economic development which can merge the economical with environmental and social benefits.

    Blue Economy is also called Marine Economy. Modern Blue Economy includes production activities which were originally designed to develop marine ocean resources. It includes also a service industry, related to it directly or indirectly.

    The Golden Economy, also known as Sunshine Economy, can be explained as a kind of sustainable economy which chose non-fossil energy (wind energy, solar energy, water, biomass energy, geothermal energy, marine energy etc.) as basic energy supply. Golden Economy encourages the widespread and public distribution of all facilities, such as solar cookers, solar water heater, solar heaters and solar photovoltaic, to improve the currently existing energy structure.

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