Prof. Huang and Dr. Jinghui LIU Compile Recycling Economy in Germany

Inovation,Research and Advanced Technology Help Promote the Development of Green Economy
The Publication of The Road of China's Economic Creation
EDUI Helps Accelerate the Green Development in Kongshan Town

    There are four economic forms in the evolution of civilization: Brown Economy, Green Economy, Blue Economy and Golden Economy.
    Brown Economy (or Black Economy) means, that economic growth depends only on petrochemicals such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. In the process of this form of production, great amounts of carbon dioxide and soot are released into the atmosphere. The economic development depends on restricted resources, the environmental pollution is severe
EDUI Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with BGI
Belland Delegation Meeting with EDUI's New PartnerBGI During Visit to China
EDUI's Ecological Training Project Succeeds in Tongjiang County
President of Berlin Humboldt University in Beijing
German University Delegation Visit BJUT
Invitation Letter and Receiptof First Annual Meeting of the WGF
Prof. Haifeng HUANG and Dr.Jinghui LIU Published Recycling Economy in Germany
Prof.YunJun LI Attends the Conferance in Italy
Prof. Haifeng HUANG, Prof. Guomei Zhou and Prof. Mannie LIU Published New Book "the Road of China's Economic Creation"
EDUI Helps Green Development in Kongshan Town of Sichuan Province
EDUI Cooperate Local Government for Yangtze Delta Green Economy Jin Shan Summit
Invitation Letter for Yangtze Delta Green Economy Jin Shan Summit
Big Events in EDUI's Development
The Opening of Yangtze Delta Green Economy Jin Shan Summit
Dr.David Ness Gave Speech in Yangtze Delta Green Economy Jin Shan Summi(Video)
Dr. Ariana Wichamann Joined the EDUI-delegation to Kongshan Town

Haifeng HUANG Accompnied the Vice-Chairperson of the National People's Congress MrChangzhi CHEN to Visit Anhui Province (Video)

IGEA is preparing the "Global Green Think Tank Summit"
Green Economy Becomes the Spotlight of Global Investment
Politicians and Enterprisers Discussed "Green Economy" in China
The Forum of Low Carbon Economy Industry Development Will Kick Off
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